Scenic Hotels

You don't have to wait for Valentine's Day or your anniversary to book a little holiday for two. Even a weekend or two-day mid-week stay in a luxurious location will refresh a couple eager for a little bit of time away. There are many places to visit across the UK with many offering bed and breakfast you wont be stuck for cheap hotels in eastleigh, a family favourite or a couples retreat. The hotel might not be especially luxurious try an inexpensive, generic hotel offering vouchers for local activities or providing scenic locations.

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Package Deals 

Many hotel companies offer deals for romantic breaks if you visit their establishments for 2 nights. This would be the minimum, but with some hotels you can receive third night free for a two-night booking. Examples include boutiques and major chains.

These packages will frequently be tagged "honeymoon" or "romantic break" more generally. For an additional charge, you receive certain extras like chocolate-covered strawberries or a bottle of champagne.

One way to make the most out of your money is to book a last minute get-away and take advantage of some excellent price cuts. Hotel owners want to fill their rooms, even if that means selling space at a discount.

Check the internet regularly for deals you can secure at the click of a button.

Extra-Special romantic hotel Breaks

But some hotels are really extraordinary places to stay and guests are willing to book at full price weeks or months in advance. These include locations such as old buildings converted into high-end accommodation with antiques, fine art, and sumptuous dcor all around. Choose one of these locations and secure a private hot tub for your special getaway.

Select a hotel that is known for its excellent food. Check online for themed holidays such as culinary or wine-related breaks. These will usually come with at least 3 or 4 meals as part of the price, perhaps wine pairing and room service, and you can expect to eat only the finest foods.

Another theme is the "spa" break. Many companies now offer both accommodation and spa treatments on their grounds as a way to compete with other hotels around the country and across Europe. Bringing in the latest trends in facial and body treatments, these hotels attract people looking to be spoiled. They sometimes offer couples' massage or pedicuresmanicures. The pair receives a voucher when they arrive for their romantic break and must use it during their stay.

Lovers' Location

What makes a break "romantic" in your eyes? Maybe the location is all-important, not the room. Select a spot offering easy access to all the things you like to do together as a couple. Choose a place near walking trails, bike rentals, water sports, or art galleries. Select accommodation that plants you firmly in the middle of everything you want to do without having to get in your car. Consider a hotel which sits on beautiful grounds so you can spend time away doing nothing and doing it together in the midst of gorgeous gardens, holding hands and walking along landscaped paths. Many old estates have passed into the hands of businesses owners and been turned into elegant, romantic hotels.